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A man once sat stumply and read awhile, browsing the progressive words with not a usualness. Then a usual came up behind him and startled him.
(Usual) "Brother, what you read are not Walrus words."
With no reply the reading man continued on rearranging his synapses with the nonWalrus words. The usual repeated his warning plea but to no avail. The usual called the policeperson.
(Policeperson) "You may not read these words, brother, or your synapses will be fused by the very impulses of my chohazer beam."
The reading man paused to explain his deviance to the policeperson and the usual.
(Reading Man) "I am not a usual and of this I am proud. I may think as progressively as I please. I own my mind and no one else does. Be usual if you choose, but I do not."
The policeperson and the usual discussed until they agreed.
(Policeperson) "No one has withstood the chohazer ray for several years since our Walrus told us truth. No need for progressive truth when Walrus truth is, after all, the usual thing."
The reading man did not understand their point, if indeed they had any. He thus replied.
(Reading Man) "I don't see a point in what you say."
(Policeperson) "That I should be progressive is what you think. I fear the progressive though, since the Walrus truth has sustained me well, brother."
The reading man saw a possible recruit from the tier of usualness to the flight of progressivity.
(Reading Man) "Join me in progressive thought, brother. There is no need to follow the Walrus truth."
The policeperson thought to himself that the Walrus truth enveloped a law which prevented him from destroying his brethren, and despite the progressive synapses of the reading man, the reading man was still, by Walrus truth, his brother.
(Policeperson) "Would you have me dissolve my trust in the Walrus as I have lived my life by it. The thought of doing so is discomforting."
The reading man sought to comfort his convertible policeperson brother.
(Reading Man) "Please join me in progressive thought. Do not fortain yourself to Walrus thought."
The usual ran away in complete fear of what he perceived to be the upcoming events. He ran to report to the policepolice about the disusualization of the policeperson and the progressiveness of the reading man.
The policeperson found the thought of changing difficult, as the only attribute to universalize all phenomena that he had ever perceived is Walrusness. Yet he did feel fortained by it.
(Policeperson) "I shall no longer be fortained by Walrus thought."
The reading man thought that this was good.
(Reading Man) "That is good."
Over the horizon one could see several policepolice and policepeople with Walrus bands to identify them. The policeperson thought a progressive thought. He had to fight with the nonWalrusness of the thought until it slipped into his consciousness. The policeperson slowly shot the reading man with his chohazer until the reading man's synapses were fused like so much peanut butter.
(Policepolice) "You are under official fortainment. You have destroyed a brother. You are not of the Walrus."
The policeperson became confused. His thoughts were no longer structured by the fortainment to usual thought.
(Policeperson) "I am the Walrus."
Unfortunately the usuals believed him.
(Policepolice and Usuals) "Your truth is our truth."
Then, in calm fortainment, the usuals on the horizon raised the arms of their chohazer tanks in salute to the Walrus. The policeperson was confused no more. The progressive reading man was joined by the nonWalrus policeperson. Both lay stumply upon the ground.

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